Your Challenges

Disconnected Data

Are you tired of tracking multiple sets of data through multiple types of software? Perhaps it’s time to consider a software solution that ties all facets of your poultry operation together.

Aeros’ suite of core products is designed to provide a single point of entry for each part of your business. This means time is saved and mistakes are eliminated because your team is no longer balancing errors between separate software packages and databases. This powerful functionality provides an audit from where the data originates and to where it currently resides.

Aging Technology

Growing poultry and feed milling operations sometimes find themselves in a situation where their existing ERP or data management system simply no longer works for them. Perhaps the current system is no longer viable, or has made too many unrecoverable mistakes with your valuable data.

At Aeros, we value partnerships and authenticity. We are upfront about what solution is best suited for your business and honor the long-term investment you make. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive system that meets the needs of all facets of your business today and beyond.

Inflexible Software

A one-size-fits all ERP solution simply does not work in the poultry industry, and the way production information is viewed and analyzed can vary from business to business. That’s why Aeros partners with customers to customize our solutions to suit particular business needs. We configure the software to customer specifications, adapting and growing as business needs change over time.