Queries. Reports. Dashboards. 

Aeros VISION is software that brings data mining, analysis, reporting, visualization, and more into one powerful tool. Poultry and egg producers utilize a wide variety of solutions such as accounting, animal record keeping, logistics, production, and packaging to manage their day-to day-operations. Aeros VISION can access data from any combination of data sources and allows the user to control how the information is presented.

Data Mining Made Easy – The Aeros VISION Query tool allows users to pick and choose which data they want to see.
Create Your Own Custom Reports – The Aeros VISION Report tool uses the data from VISION Queries so users can format the information to their requirements. 
Use Dashboards to Present Data Visually – Aeros VISION Dashboard combines data from multiple VISION Queries and displays it as graphs and or grids.
Combine Data While Ensuring Security – Provides visibility to all of your data and restricts access by user.