Farms. Flocks. Management. 

Aeros LIVE is software that allows you to track every aspect of your birds with incredible ease and efficiency. This powerfully intuitive solution validates and persists detailed information to support the multi-faceted needs of flock management.
Manage Every Detail of Your Flock – LIVE recordkeeping captures placements, mortality, feed deliveries, body weights, and more. 
Leverage To-The-Hour Feed Planning – LIVE feed planning projects consumption by individual flock and combines feeding requirements for all flocks to provide a timetable of future feed delivery requests.
Transfer & Capitalize with Ease – Automates the time-consuming tasks of distributing, transferring, capitalizing, and depreciating expenses across multiple flocks. 
Increase Efficiency with Detailed Projections & Powerful Reporting Tools – Provides a robust reporting tool to monitor flock performance and produce powerful projection information. 

“The Aeros team has gone above and beyond to maintain a deep understanding of our business, and this has helped enhance Aeros LIVE so that we continue to operate our business more effectively and efficiently.”