Accounting. Financials. Logistics.

Aeros ERP is software that brings accounting, order entry, inventory, invoicing, and more into one powerful system. Poultry and egg producers run a more efficient business thanks to this intuitive solution that features end-to-end system integration, flexible pricing rules, enhanced risk management, and so much more.

End-to-End System Integration – Ability to seamlessly integrate with LIVE, as well as many of the external systems your business utilizes. 
Pricing Rules for Every Need – Provides easy-to-use rules to support multiple pricing methods and configurations that are specific to your business
Inventory Management from Bolt to Bushel – Helps manage corrections and consumption of inventory through integrated tools for performing physicals, adjustments of loss, and usage for product consumed by operations. 
Risk Management Made Easy – Gives you total control over your system by providing user-specific configurations while allowing for security rules at various levels. 

“Aeros ERP truly helps our business run more efficiently in the way of inventory management and work order processing. Additionally, Aeros is always willing to adapt the system as our company’s needs evolve. Most services, (software or not) are set in stone, and any modification of those services is rare.”

John Allen, Director of Finance with Zeigler Bros., Inc.