Introducing a new partnership

Get production data into Aeros LIVE directly from your smartphone!





Paperless Record-Keeping

With Ecto seamlessly integrated into Aeros LIVE, you can reduce the time lag between data collection and decision-making, saving valuable time and resources. Plus, no more deciphering poor handwriting or worrying about misplaced paperwork


Timely Flock Reporting

Don’t let issues go unnoticed over the weekend. With Ecto and Aeros LIVE, you can stay informed about the status of every flock in real-time, ensuring that no bird or revenue is lost unnecessarily. Identify health issues faster and provide vital information to veterinarians and nutritionists promptly


Improved Communication

Keep management in the loop with instant updates on flock performance and health metrics. By digitizing daily checklists and creating a comprehensive digital history of farm activities, you can enhance communication between farms and management, fostering better decision-making and accountability




How it works


Step 1: Digitize your paper logs

Digital versions of all your paper forms are created inside the Ecto app


Step 2: Ditch pen and paper

Farm managers can now input all farm data digitally using a handheld device


Step 3: See your data in Aeros LIVE instantly

Farm-level data is seamlessly transferred to Aeros LIVE and can be viewed instantly


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